Monday, March 19, 2012

Watch Know Learn

While doing some research recently, I came about a website that offers free educational videos called, ""  I did a quick search for sociology:

While there were only 35 videos for sociology, there were thousands for many other areas.  the quality varies, so I'd recommend checking out the ratings for possible quality.  I watched/listened to a few and was both pleasantly surprised and disappointed.  Most were hosted by YouTube and some had been removed, so this is a mixed bag.

One idea for a sociological investigation is to have students examine some of the various social media sites for teachers (or students or any profession) to see what kinds of quality of video offerings there are.  If there experience is anything like mine, they will find that there is lots of garbage with little updating going on.  Many seem to be hastily put together without thought of making the product have deeper meaning than reading words already on the screen.  What social factors drive this behavior and lack of quality?

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  1. Thanks SO much for the post! While our sociology folder is a bit low, I would like to encourage you and your followers to help increase that portion of the directory by embedded some good, quality videos in that area. WatchKnowLearn is a wiki. Our directory grows bigger and better because of the contributions of our followers. Please let me know if I can help you in any way with the site. Thanks again. (Director of Education)