Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Evaluating Group Projects

A recent topic came up on one of my listservs regarding how to evaluate student work in the context of student work groups.  What grades are earned?  Who did most/all of the work?  What about those who disengage by social loafing?  Should they get the same grade as the grade-conscious person who spent the most time/gave the most effort?  I never liked the inherent unfairness of a "group grade."

Self-evaluation form I use for group projects.
In an effort to compensate for that, I created two evaluation forms.  One is a self-evaluation and the other is a written evaluation of the effort of other group members.

Those documents can be found on the site I created for documents from this blog below: 

Please leave comments if you have suggestions for improvement.  I am always open to getting better.




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