Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rape Culture Part 2

This link was shared with me about the CNN coverage of the rape case in Ohio.  I posted my thoughts above the link from

This is part of the rape culture I was speaking about earlier. The boys' lives are ruined, yes. They made choices. What about the young woman whose life was forever altered because our society says it's ok to rape a drunk girl? She got drunk--perhaps deserved a hangover, not being raped. Avoiding expletives while typing--this really angers me.
From the Huffington Post:

CNN's Steubenville Coverage Focuses On Effect Rape Trial Will Have On Rapists, Not Victim

The Teaching High School Sociology web site

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  1. That has always been a problem since biblical times.
    While I am not surprised that a rape victim is portrayed basically as guilty and the perpetrators are portrayed as victims, what really surprise me is the fact that two females reporters are so bias when in order especially for Mrs. Crawley to be where she is at the time I am sure she had to bypass lots of sexism and discrimination.
    Yes the boys life is kind of ruined because lets be honest the same way that they are talking about them as the victims society eventually will forgive them they "macho" males making a small mistake, the girls name has been sneered and will forever be.
    This case is like when someone pleads insanity or ignorance or any of those disorders that we have now that allows people to get away with anything just with a simple slap on the wrist.
    Sexism and discrimination is all over and it will never change. Unfortunatelly.