Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Feral Children: TV Alert

I was searching for the old feralchildren.com site (which no longer seems to exist) when I ran across this site:  http://feralchildren.info/.  This site examines, from an anthropological point of view, what happens when children grow up in deprived circumstances.  Dr. Mary-Ann Ochota, at right, is the principal researcher and broadcaster on this series.

The first episode is "Dog Girl of Ukraine," who some of us may know as Oksana, the girl featured in the Discovery Channel show on feral children about five or six years ago.  There are also episode called "Bird Boy of Fiji" and "Monkey Boy of Uganda."  The series is currently running and you can find repeats of shows you have missed.

I've not seen the series yet, but do look forward to seeing how this scientist treats the subjects.

In what to me is a bizarre twist, the series is appearing on "The Animal Planet" network.

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  1. Hi There - just to let you know the feralchildre.info site has now moved to raisedwild.wordpress.com
    Thanks for linking up to the show and site!
    Mary-Ann Ochota